Artist | Photographer

_Lines to lens

_for twenty years my work as a ballet instructor has brought me

to the lines. to see the music through classwork and choreography has been a joy.

this began to intertwine with an original love as a portrait artist simply in

moving the dancers much like I would pencil on paper.

creating shapes and dimension with music instead of using light and shadows.

_photography is an extension from these art forms.

now as I hold a pencil, a camera or stand before my class creating a movement design for them to follow, I gather my creative perspective, pulling from my experience and view to bring client and artistry together.

it's all there

photography hits_the pause for just a moment. please

enjoy the creative fruition of 'what I see"


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In the Client's Words...

In the Client's Words...

Blanco Family

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"We have been privileged to have Stephanie chronicle all of our families important moments. She has given us incredible photos of everything from my daughters baptism & ballet photos, my son's graduation, to capturing the essence of a gorgeous venue (Palace of Fine Arts, SFO) along with the look of gratitude on my parents faces for their 50th Anniversary.
We adore working with Stephanie! She ALWAYS knows how to give us exactly the photos we wanted and more"

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