Let's work together... grads.. it's your year!

I am an artist. a creative. and I love faces.

happy, sad, moody, all of it..

I want your photographs to hold a special moment in time,

for you to treasure and share with your favorite people.

Memorable photographs remind us of the excitement during senior year, family connections, priceless expressions and moments

that take your breath away.

A California native, I'm in love with the ocean and our surrounding beauty!

Connecting with nature,

use of light along with my background

 as a portrait artist,

are a few of the elements that are present in my style of photography.

Photography hits the pause for just a moment...

Let's create something amazing!





In the Client's Words...

In the Client's Words...

Blanco Family

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"We have been privileged to have Stephanie chronicle all of our families important moments. She has given us incredible photos of everything from my daughters baptism & ballet photos, my son's graduation, to capturing the essence of a gorgeous venue (Palace of Fine Arts, SFO) along with the look of gratitude on my parents faces for their 50th Anniversary.
We adore working with Stephanie! She ALWAYS knows how to give us exactly the photos we wanted and more"

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