Dance Instructor | Artist | Photographer

_Lines to Lens

For twenty years my work as a ballet instructor has brought me to the lines. To see the music through classwork and choreography has been a joy. This began to intertwine with an original love as a portrait artist simply in moving the dancers much like I would pencil on paper. Creating shapes and dimension with light and shadows.

Photography is an extension from these art forms. As a young artist, my dear mentor would just simply say, "Stephanie, draw what you see"... These words are at the foundation of my work as an Artist.

Now as I hold the pencil, a camera or stand before my class creating a movement design for them to follow, I cherish their impact on my perspective and pull from my view to bring the client and artistry together.

It's all there. Photography hits _the pause for just a moment. Please enjoy the creative fruition of 'what I see'.


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